Photo by Alex Myers

Evolving Perceptions

    For some artists, stage presence is innate, not taught. When Salvador Osorio holds a microphone, he assumes the persona of Mad Salvy: rapper, master of ceremonies, artist, and creator who embodies a phoenix on the stage, bursting out of the fire as his words flow from his mind into sound systems all over the country.

    Inspired by his Mexican heritage and revolutionary passion, he crafts lyrics by shaping and carving new ideas from his experiences as he secures his legacy and freedom. His process can be detailed and ordered or extemporaneous and explosive.

    His home of Chattanooga, TN is his canvas, but Mad Salvy’s audience can be found from coast to coast and beyond. He steps into his comfort zone on small and large stages alike. Beyond curating his own events locally, he has set the vibe opening for artists such as Eazybaked, Black Carl!, VCTRE, Ravenscoon, Vibe Emissions, Levitation Jones and at events such as Bigfoot Electro Music Festival, Imagine Music Festival and Sound Haven Festival.

    The future is bright for Mad Salvy as he continues to celebrate positivity through his music and elevate the collective consciousness with his power.